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Initiatives and Solidarity
#we can all do something

"I always wanted in my small way to be able to do something useful for the world around me. I didn't know how to do it until my brand was born and I realized that it could become a means to do something more, something that could bring hope, illuminate a path, fire hearts.

Because a small gesture is all it takes to unleash a very powerful chain reaction of positive energy and love! "


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Re-Dream Box was born in March 2021, a creative recycling project through which Annalisa Queen wants to minimize waste and almost completely eliminate the waste deriving from her collections in order to pollute as little as possible.


In January 2021 Annalisa Queen organized a collection of clothes for women, children and families in difficulty at the boutique, offering in exchange a discount on her collections. The initiative was created in collaboration with the " Salvamamme " Association to which the clothes were donated.