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The first Annalisa Queen Boutique opens in Rome

In the historic center of Rome, in the setting of the beautiful Monti district, was born the Boutique of Annalisa Queen.

The Boutique has been made entirely with eco-sustainable or recycled materials: the Airlite paint for the walls purifies the air by reducing CO2 emissions;the floor, FSC branded, is a guarantee of provenance from responsibly managed forests where the cycle of cutting and planting are in symbiosis or from forests where the cuts respect and promote natural growth;some furniture and other furnishings have been recovered from previous uses and brought to new life.In Boutique you can take advantage of a personalized service for which Annalisa will adapt each garment according to your needs and will also be able to tailor the dress of your dreams for every occasion.

Annalisa Queen is pleased to send you to the Opening of her Boutique in Rome.From October 27 to November 1, 2020, you can discover the Boutique in Via Panisperna 238A.

The Boutique will be open from Tuesday to Sunday at the following times:

10:30 - 13 / 14 - 19:30


Entry will be allowed in compliance with the current anti-covid legislation.

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