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copper & pastels

The “Copper &Pastels” collection characterized by pastel colors, recalls a playful, cheerful, almost childish atmosphere.

It is made up of interchangeable garments: outerwear, high-waisted trousers, skirts, sweaters, short dresses. The lines are mainly classic and clean per  as regards for example the dresses but there are also garments revisited in a modern way including short jackets, the down jacket with transversal zip or even the trousers in unusual fabrics. Some items in the collection are entirely hand embroidered. As in every Annalisa Queen collection, no fabrics or leathers of animal origin are used, worthy of note in this collection are the nettle fabric sweaters. Nettle is a very valuable fiber, for some characteristics even more than cotton and hemp: long, shiny, soft, strong to twist and elastic, it is very resistant, since unlike other fibers, its strength increases with the passage of time. The fabric obtained is similar to linen: it is antistatic, hypoallergenic, breathable and thermoregulator.

The attention to detail in the Annalisa Queen collections and in the search for particular materials is inevitable. The zippers with personalized copper slider are visible in each garment and were made specifically for this collection. There are two models of bags that enrich this collection: a bucket in pastel pink fabric embroidered with eco-leather details and copper accessories, and a backpack made in eco-leather with copper accessories and in light mint green fabric with copper accessories.

In the same fabrics of the collection, among the accessories there are also three models of hats, a classic cap in nettle fabric, a faux pastel pink turban and a mint green beret.

For this collection Annalisa Queen has also designed jewels that recall the shapes of nature, flowers and branches, also made of copper.

Animal lover Annalisa Queen has also decided to include two items for dogs in this collection, a nettle sweater and a down jacket.

cappelli sostenibili

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Videomaker: Andrea Damiano

Model:  Giorgia Masciulli

Mua:  Mariateresa Marino

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