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water drops

Water is one of the fundamental elements for life on our planet, without it there would not be all the wonderful expressions of nature that we know. As is known, pollution becomes a threat every day, more and more seas and oceans are invaded by floating plastics and microplastics, industrial waste, etc.

It is precisely water and marine depths that Annalisa Queen has decided to take inspiration for her new Spring Summer 2021 collection. Water is a symbol of renewal, of regeneration and there could not be a more right element for this collection. 

There are three fabrics chosen for this collection: a dark blue hemp fabric, an aqua green organic cotton fabric and a bamboo fabric with a print deriving from a watercolor drawing by the designer, inspired by drops of water in a modern key and abstract, made by an Italian company (certified  ISO 9001 and by the Italian Accreditation Body). The fabrics were all purchased from an Italian company that participates in the development of a sustainable economy and which produces high quality natural fabrics with a controlled supply chain through mechanical processing without undergoing chemical processes that modify their structure.

The collection is made up of interchangeable garments: palazzo pants, short jackets, tops, long and short jumpsuits, dresses of various kinds. The lines are mixed from the most classic of the palazzo trousers to the more particular ones of the jumpsuit with the neck that recalls African collars.

The accessories in the collection, as always, are made with the same fabrics as the collection, making the most of the residual lengths and thus avoiding any type of waste. For this collection Annalisa Queen has decided to present, in addition to the bags, also a line of jewels with the same hemp yarn with which the handles of the bags were made to show their multiple uses.

The choice of hemp is not accidental, its multiple functions are often underestimated. Hemp fibers are hollow and hygroscopic and the combination of these properties gives hemp fabrics a high thermal insulating and breathable capacity together, therefore they are cool in summer and warm in winter, moreover hemp is one of the most resistant natural fibers , both to the mechanical action (wear and tear) and to the deformations, thanks to these characteristics a hemp garment is soft, comfortable, cool in the heat and opaque in the cold, very resistant, non-deformable and long-lasting. But hemp fabrics reveal other even more special characteristics: they are reflective of both ultraviolet and UVA rays (up to 95%), shielding from electrostatic fields, do not conduct electricity, do not irritate the skin because they are hypoallergenic and keep away. bacteria from the surface of our body because they are antiseptic.

However, even the properties of bamboo should not be underestimated: fabrics made from bamboo fiber are more resistant than cotton, are able to absorb body moisture, absorb sweat and keep the average body temperature below. one or two degrees above the norm, this fiber is also antimicrobial, antibacterial and protects against ultraviolet rays.

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Videomaker: Andrea Damiano

Model: Giorgia Masciulli

Mua:  Mariateresa Marino

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