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it was a dream?

The theater is that place where a kind of magic happens: You meet fantastic worlds and places, you dream and you learn. The theater is slowly crumbling and instead it absolutely must not die.

Like theater, sustainability must continue to be advocated.

In this collection Annalisa Queen introduces the first soy vegetable fur with which the outerwear of the collection was made and with which the finishing of the bags, hats and hair bands were made (always recycling the leftovers of the fabrics). Furthermore, a fabric from a previous collection was reused to make linings and copper zippers left over from another collection were reused, precisely because Annalisa Queen strongly believes in reusing materials to minimize waste.

For the accessories of the collection, the vegetable cactus leather with which the bags of the collection were made and a belt, an accessory inserted for the first time, are introduced. Among the novelties also the introduction of stones (amethyst, green onyx and topaz) for bronze jewels.

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Filmmaker: Vito Pagano (Z Video Project)

Model: Giulia Giarletta

Mua:  Mariateresa Marino

Actresses: Margherita Adorisio, Giusy Iannone

Performer: Dora Paoletti

Location: Sacripante Gallery, Trastevere Theater

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