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Tailor-made creations

Annalisa Queen offers its customers a service for the creation of tailor-made garments (even remotely) to allow everyone to always feel at ease and to have the perfect dress for every occasion. Did you not find your size in the shop or do you like a garment but it appears out of stock? No problem write me because if the fabric is  still available I will make that garment for you.

  • If you are in Rome, come to the Showroom (Via Nicolò Forteguerri 29) and we will take care of everything, we will listen to your needs and desires to make the dress of your dreams come true. From gala dinners to events, red carpets to weddings, our custom designs bring to life the sophisticated vision of our clientele. Each unique creation is guided at every step by Annalisa Queen who will accompany you in the choice of fabric, model, decorations up to the dress of your dreams.

  • You are not in Rome but would you like to have that garment you like made to measure? Do not worry below you will find all the detailed instructions to send your measurements and to receive the garment directly at your home.

(At the bottom of the page you will find a selection of dresses made for you)


1) Contact us to find out if the fabric is still available or for special requests via email ( or by calling or sending a whatsapp message to +39 3481837024

2)   Enter your data and measurements below and click on send at the end of the insertion.

(In each photo you will see how to take the corresponding measurement which you will then have to insert in the box and for any doubts do not hesitate to contact me).

tailor-made creations

(It is measured at the base of the neck)

high fashion brand

(Measured in the armpit)

custom dress

(It is measured at the point of maximum protrusion of the breast)

out of remote measurement

(It is measured from the shoulder

to the top of the breast)

hand-painted clothes

(It is measured between the two

points of the breast ridge)

hand-embroidered dresses

(It is measured at the highest

point arm width)

dog wear
custom dog clothing
dog clothing made to measure
children's wear
made to measure children’s clothes

It is measured from the shoulder

to the wrist, or at the elbow

or depending on the

personal taste.

(It is measured from the highest point of the shoulder  until at the  life  passing through

the culmination of the breast)

recycled fabrics
vegan hats

(It is measured on the maximum point butt bulge)

belt in vegetable leather

(It is measured from waist to

hip circumference)


(Measured halfway between the waist and hips)

custom made clothes for men

(It is measured from waist to

iliac circumference)

men’s vegan t-shirts

(It is measured from the waist or from the iliac depending on whether the skirt is high or low waist  Well yes goes as far as you prefer)

 original apparel
unique dresses
unique pieces
unique bags

(Pass the tape measure between your legs and measure from the waist back to the front one )

(It is measured at the highest point

thigh width)

(It is measured from the waist or from the iliac a second  if the trousers are waisted high or low  Well yes  reaches where it is preferred)

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Click on send when you have finished entering the measures

Some creations made to measure for you:

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