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disegno del figurino
made in italy craftsmanship

Brand philosophy

Annalisa Queen wants you to travel through fairy tales, dreams and fantasies; amaze you every time by immersing yourself in ever new and unexpected worlds.

In the colors and shapes there are constant references to nature, art, travel, exotic cultures and everything that fascinates Annalisa.

Annalisa Queen loves to mix styles and create unusual associations between particular colors and fabrics, to always give her creations freshness, novelty and at the same time uniqueness and exclusivity. All seasoned with a pinch of irony to never take itself too seriously and give life lightness.

We never want to lose sight of the care and attention to detail, we aim for the quality and craftsmanship of the product, always respecting the environment, animals and the hands that work our products.

At the center of the Annalisa Queen universe there are also messages such as equality, inclusiveness and female empowerment, in fact initiatives and projects are carried out in support of these themes.

Setting hearts on fire 

The designer

Annalisa was born in Rome in 1987 and began designing clothes from the age of 10, most likely fascinated by the skill of her grandmother who was an extraordinary seamstress. What for her was a game soon becomes a passion that will push her, after scientific high school diploma, to undertake studies in the field of fashion. He graduated in 2012 in Fashion and Costume Sciences at La Sapienza in Rome. During a seminar she met Roberto Capucci, a couturier she loved very much and a constant source of inspiration.

In the meantime he also cultivates a passion for make-up by graduating as a make-up artist and working on photographic sets, he learns how to take care of a 360° image.

In 2013 she enrolled at the Maiani Academy where she took her first steps in pattern making and tailoring, also improving her drawing skills thanks to her beloved design teacher Raffaella and thus obtaining her diploma in 2016 with honors. Immediately after the academy she meets Enza, an exceptional and very refined seamstress, from whom she takes private lessons that make her increasingly prepared and self-confident.

In 2017 he thus founded the Annalisa Queen brand and paraded his first collection in Montecarlo fashion week in June of the same year.

In 2019 he presented the Spring Summer 2021 collection at the Kiev craft fair, opening up to the international market and new frontiers.

In 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, he opened his first Boutique in Rome in Via Panisperna.

In January 2021, he launched his first charity initiative in collaboration with the "Salvamamme" Association.

In March 2021 Annalisa launched the "Re-Dream Box" creative recycling project for children together with her mother Bianca.

In December 2021 the new flagship boutique opens in Via Sistina.

ritratto della designer

"My grandmother was an extraordinary seamstress and made everything, even carpets. When I was little I loved to spend the afternoons watching her work wool or decorate some accessories. Unfortunately she could not teach me everything I know today because when I started this work she already he was no longer there but I am convinced that he left inside me the inestimable value of his ability and the richness of his works.

His work drawers were filled with buttons, decorations and many things he left me as a gift. Even today I draw from those drawers as a treasure trove of immense riches where I can always find something unique for my creations, making them even more sought after."  Annalisa

bottoni vintage

"My grandmother knew how to make wool garments with extraordinary skill, in fact she was also chosen to pose as a model in two issues (1948 and 1949) of a magazine called "Lavori di lana"."


alto artigianato
lavori di lana
sarta esperta

The time has come to stand out, to let go of other people's judgment and discover your deepest self.
It's time to write your own story through the disruptive power of colors!

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