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ground rust

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Videomaker: Vito Pagano

Model:  Samantha Ganesha Curia

Mua:  Mariateresa Marino

Photo: Valeria Castellano

Model: Riccardo Colucci

Once upon a time there was an enchanted garden on a still unknown planet, between alien plants and fantastic creatures, a still uncontaminated place where man had not yet arrived.

This place, where all living beings are in perfect harmony and protect their ecosystem, inspires Annalisa Queen's Fall Winter 2020 2021 collection. We on earth too should understand the importance of the riches we have and we should work harder to protect them, after all it would not take much because it would be enough to start making more conscious choices, not wasting and not polluting.

Annalisa Queen in her small way hopes to be able to give her contribution by continuing to choose for her collections only fabrics from certified companies that have made sustainability their concrete commitment, producing natural fabrics, recycled and without toxic substances for health and the environment. . For the Fall Winter 2020 2021 collection, three fabrics have been chosen whose colors recall the trends of the season: a rust red organic cotton, a recycled polyester fleece with the abstract design of tropical vegetation and a filamentary fabric with a pattern of different colors to recall the dreamlike atmosphere of the trend.

The collection consists of both classic garments (cigarette trousers or very wide skirts) and revisited lines such as the unstructured short jackets, now inevitable in the brand's collections, or the fleece garments with an irregular line up to garments composed of several fabrics, also this is now the prerogative of the brand. The garments are almost all interchangeable with each other to underline their versatility according to the occasion.

As always, the collection is accompanied by accessories also made with the remains of the collection itself and for the first time introduces a new type of entirely ecological leather made from pineapple scraps with which a bag with a contemporary design has been created. There is also a sack bag made with the scraps of the green fleece, a bracelet made with the scraps of the filamentous fabric to which the clutch bag made with the same fabric is attached.

The bronze jewelry collection with a contemporary design but at the same time with soft lines complete the collection.

In this collection Annalisa Queen introduces a sweatshirt as the first male garment.

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