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milky way

Man pollutes, kills, soils and does it as if he were the master of the world when in reality he is a dot in the universe.

This collection is dedicated to the Universe and in particular to the Milky Way, the galaxy to which our solar system belongs, is a tribute to the greatness of nature that is the only one that can feel really great and powerful...

For this collection have been chosen all natural fabrics with iridescent and soft nuances such as sugar paper, mainly classic lines are accompanied by some particular cut that breaks the rules for the surprise effect that loves Annalisa Queen.

The bags are, as always, strictly in vegetable leather, this time from the pineapple leaves, in shades of sugar paper and pink.

The jewels are finely finished in silver and embrace beautiful opals. Opal is Annalisa’s favorite stone because there is no opal equal to another and with its infinite shades of color really seems to see the universe inside the stone, so in this collection it represented the icing on the cake.

Could not miss a tribute to Queen, from which derives a part of the name of the brand, with a capsule of three unique pieces, three hoods decorated with mixed media (with all recycled materials) that recall three songs of the band not chosen by chance... 

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Videomaker: Vito Pagano

Model: Giorgia Masciulli

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