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Annalisa Queen chooses the Monte Carlo Fashion Week as a starting point to present her first collection for P/E 2018 entitled "Contrasti". On the catwalk of the Fontvielle Fashion Village in Monaco, 12 garments with a young and innovative allure paraded, all made with  particular fabrics. The contrast is highlighted not only by the choice of colours, but also by the harmony between artificial fabrics such as ecological python and natural fabrics such as cork, the predominant element in the entire collection. The lines of the "Contrasti" collection are clean and classic.

The "Contrasti" collection tells the story of a nature violated by man with the combination of the artificial element with the natural one. Contrast underlined above all by the contrast of colors most of which are characteristic of the winter season, proposed on light fabrics for the summer season.

The colors chosen by Annalisa Queen recall the inclinations of nature and each garment contains  plus  of one colour.  In contrast the warm tones of burgundy or orange are associated with the colder shades of pastel colors such as aqua green, powder pink or ice blue.  

The "Contrasti" collection is made up of daytime outfits made up of skirts or trousers combined with tops or sweaters, long dresses for the evening including the long red Gala dress that can be transformed  into short cocktail dress.

The collection is accompanied by accessories also designed by Annalisa Queen, bags and bracelets, made with the same fabrics as the dresses. Three different models of bags have been created for this collection: the hexagonal Clutch, made of ecological python and red fabric with gold decorations, also  transformable like the dress, with the addition of the shoulder strap composed of a chain  hidden inside. The Pochette made up of triangles of different fabrics, bordeaux red, red-orange and ice blue, with the addition of gold decorations and the natural cork handbag with a pink "skirt" and ecological python decorations. Even the bracelets recall the fabrics of the collection: the ecological python, the dominant red-orange colors and the inserts in natural cork. The closures are all in bronze.

The "Contrasti" collection represents a classic with a surprise, enhancing the contrast between artifice and nature. Three dresses enriched by accessories have been chosen for an exhibition in the Galeries Lafayette in Cannes, during the last days of the Festival and at the same time as the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week.

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Videomaker: Andrea Damiano

Models:  Vladyslava Sytnyk,  Anna-Luisa Nisi,  Natalia Kalinowska