Ethics and Sustainability

The garments and accessories Annalisa Queen are all designed by the designer who takes care of the product in every detail, they are then made and finished entirely in Italy by the skilled hands of expert seamstresses and artisans, in fact among the values of the brand very important is that of ethics. and therefore respect for workers and their working conditions . 

Annalisa Queen is a brand in favor of sustainable fashion, in fact no furs or skins of animal origin are used but only vegetable, recycled and innovative fabrics, all of high quality and certified by companies that do not use substances harmful to the environment and 'man. Even bags and leather accessories are made exclusively with certified vegetable leathers.

Some of the fabrics chosen by Annalisa Queen







pelle vegetale

Vegetable leather





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Annalisa Queen is a brand that also strongly believes in recycling, in fact, in order to minimize waste, it reuses the leftover fabrics from previous collections for the creation of unique pieces of clothing, tailor- made garments (a special section has been dedicated on the site to be able to offer this service even remotely) and accessories (bags, hats, children's clothing, dog clothing, etc.).

The smallest and most unusable waste is destined for the project  Re-Dream Box   (created in collaboration with his mother), almost completely eliminating waste and thus trying to pollute the least possible.

Everything that accompanies the product, from the tag to the internal label, is made with recycled materials.

Annalisa Queen sincerely thanks Livia, Rita, Antonella and all the fantastic craftsmen who give life to her ideas .