sustainable and ethical fashion

Ethics and Sustainability

The garments and accessories Annalisa Queen are all designed by the designer who takes care of the product in every detail, they are then made and finished entirely in Italy by the skilled hands of expert seamstresses and craftsmen, in fact among the values of the brand very important is that of ethics. and therefore respect for workers and their working conditions . 

Annalisa Queen is a brand in favor of sustainable fashion, in fact no furs or skins of animal origin are used but only vegetable, recycled and innovative fabrics, all of high quality and certified by companies that do not use substances harmful to the environment and everyone. living beings.

"My mother started recycling when you barely knew what it was, then she taught me recycling and taught me not to waste, she was my first sustainability teacher and I will never thank her enough." Annalisa

Some of the fabrics chosen:

hemp fabric


tencel fabric


nettle fabric


vegetable leather

Vegetable leather



crabyon fabric


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vegan fashion

Annalisa Queen is a brand that also strongly believes in recycling, in fact, in order to minimize waste, it reuses the leftover fabrics from previous collections for the creation of unique pieces of clothing,tailored garments(a special section has been dedicated on the site to be able to offer this service even at a distance) and accessories (bags, hats, clothing for children, clothing for dogs, etc.).

The smallest and most unusable scraps are destined for project Re-Dream Box  (made in collaboration with his mother), almost completely eliminating waste and thus trying to pollute as little as possible.

Everything that accompanies the product, from the tag to the internal label to the crutches, is made with recycled materials.

sustainable fashion
sustainable packaging

Vegetable leather for
a better world

bags in vegetable leather

Annalisa's bags are born from the desire to create a product that combines craftsmanship and a unique design with love for the environment and animals.The use of vegetable leathers and innovative materials has allowed this dream to become reality, creating a leather goods product that was not only beautiful to look at but that was also a bearer of respect for the environment and love for animals and therefore of happiness.

The vegetable leathers we choose, such as that from cactus or pineapple leaves, are all from companies that have received certifications from recognized bodies that guarantee their quality and sustainability.

"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to paddle the earth, just like other creatures do."

Barbara Ward

vegan bags

"As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by simply paying attention to what we buy."

Emma Watson

Annalisa Queen jewels
tell new stories ...

ethical fashion

From Indian and Arab jewels, from architectural forms, from nature and everything that attracts her, Annalisa blends it in her contemporary jewels to create something new.

sustainable jewels

From the prototype worked in wax or directly in metal ...

vegan jewels
Made in Italy craftsmanship

... To the finished jewel in silver, bronze, stones, enamels and other materials.

From Annalisa's idea to the jewel finished by the expert hands of our goldsmith Livia, all entirely in Italy.

ethical jewels
Female artisan
contemporary jewels

Annalisa Queen's mono earrings are a must-have! They have been designed by Annalisa to be very comfortable to wear because they have no clip closure but only a pin and butterfly closure, they rest delicately behind the ear and are adjustable according to the size of each person's ear with a slight pressure. hands.

Annalisa Queen sincerely thanks Livia, Rita, Antonella and all the fantastic craftsmen who give life to her ideas .