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Annalisa Queen for "Salvamamme" and the birth of a new section on the site

The eco-sustainable fashion brand Annalisa Queen supports women with a new social initiative in favor of the Salvamamme Association.

In such a difficult and delicate historical context, designer Annalisa Caselli has decided to organize a real collection of clothes (for women, men and children) to be donated to the Roman Association Salvamamme and Salvabebè.

Recycling and reuse are the keywords of the Roman brand Annalisa Queen and never as in this moment are absolutely current.

So why not help those most in need, especially women’s associations that help other women and not only?

From here comes the idea: until the end of January 2022, delivering in the Boutique Annalisa Queen in Via Panisperna 238/A, new or used clothes clean and in good condition, you will receive a discount coupon of 10% on any purchase, valid for a whole year.

The Association "Civil Rights in 2000, Salvamamme Salvabebè", operates for over fifteen years intervening in the crucial moments of abandonment and loneliness of mothers and families in conditions of serious socio-economic hardship.Salvamamme is a unique project: "we believe in solidarity as the fundamental value of the person and the soul of immediate and concrete intervention on what is needed and when it is needed: the day. at night, on Sundays... a phone always on..."

In a complicated social context like the one we are experiencing, it is essential to create a network and in this women have always been synonymous with great organization.

Annalisa Queen then consolidates its vision that, in addition to being green and sustainable, has a particular attention to social, the items in the collections in the Boutique, In fact, they are made by an Italian non-profit laboratory that deals with restoring work and dignity to women who come from difficult stories.

A young brand, a Roman start-up that opened its doors in the historic center of Rome in the midst of the world pandemic, on October 27th, but that has already shown a strong and determined character, with an absolutely modern vision and in step with the times, Attentive to the problems of our planet both environmental and social.

Press release by the press office Stefania Vaghi Communication

In the section "Press and Interviews you can consult all the publications related to the initiative.

It is with this initiative that Annalisa Queen inaugurates the new section on the website dedicated to initiatives and solidarity activities.

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