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Annalisa Queen supports Ukraine and renews the initiative with Salvamamme

As you know, Annalisa Queen has been collaborating with the Salvamamme Association for over a year. In January 2021 he had devised the initiative according to which by delivering in boutiques (Via Sistina 139) new or used clothes (clean and in good condition), he would receive a discount coupon worth 10% on any purchase, valid for one year.

Having been successful Annalisa Queen decided to renew the initiative indefinitely.

At the moment, the Salvamamme Association is also busy collecting essential goods to bring to Ukraine.

Of course, also on this occasion Annalisa Queen decided to offer her boutique as a collection point.

You can bring:

  • Food for children and adults, long-term and expiration;

  • Medicines;

  • Clothing for children 0-10 years new or in very good condition, washed and divided by gender and size in bags or boxes, with written content;

  • Toys 0-10 years new or perfect and complete with batteries, instructions;

  • Hygiene products for adults and children.

Thanks in advance to all those who decide to participate.

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