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Artificial intelligence and sustainability

The new campaign of the Fall Winter 2023 2024 collection was made with the help of artificial intelligence, the model is as real as everything about her but the backgrounds were entirely made by AI.

We decided to use this new technology to open up new horizons because we love to experiment to keep up with the times and to give our customers something new and surprising.

The potential of this technology is endless, if used naturally with common sense, in the specific case we discovered how it can help in terms of environmental sustainability.

When you realize a fashion advertising campaign, in fact, especially if it is about big brands, it mobilizes first of all a team of people, numerous depending on the work to be done, and we choose spectacular locations that must be reached or that must be recreated in the studio with crazy expenses for materials.

Imagine then that considerable savings in terms of travel of a group of people who to reach a location must take planes, trains, etc. if instead it can have the same location simply using an artificial intelligence program, and not only, but also in terms of purchase and production of materials if you want to achieve something special and not use a natural landscape as in our case.

How much would have cost in fact to be able to realize in the studio materially a spaceship or a background that portrays the universe and that obviously is realistic and not intended for a school play?! Money and waste of materials, incalculable.

Clearly it is a technology that still needs to be improved and that in some cases is not infallible we say so, but surely in the future it can do extraordinary things and the assumptions are all there.

And we can say the result of our experiment speaks for itself thanks to the skill of our team and our super photographer Justyna Pawlowska.

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska

Model: Giorgia Masciulli

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