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Christmas Draw

This year Annalisa Queen has decided to give a gift to her clients.

With the purchase of any product you can participate in the draw of three prizes:

1) A green bag, recycled polyester bag with pineapple fiber handles, alcantara interior and gold finish.The stock exchange has a value of 190 euros;

2) The second grader can choose between a mint green beret and a red rust turban hat in organic cotton.Both hats have a value of about 40 euros;

3) A pair of flower earrings, in bronze or silver of your choice, both of about 30 euros.


  • The purchase, whether online or in Boutique, will be assigned a number.

  • It will be possible to participate until 19:30 on 9 January 2021.

  • The paper numbers will be placed in a jar.

  • On January 10, 2021 the three issues will be extracted in Boutique by fishing from the jar by one of the participants, if you want to be present at the time of extraction (clearly respecting the distancing according to the current anti-covid legislation)or Annalisa herself will perform the extraction.

  • You will be asked to leave an email through which the video will be sent with the result of the draw and the communication of any winnings to the lucky winners.

  • The prize collection can take place in Boutique (Via Panisperna 238A) the same day if the winner is present at the time of the draw or clearly from the next day. If the shipment is requested this will be charged to the winner.

  • The win will be valid for 30 days after which in case of failure to withdraw the first prize will pass to the second place, the second prize to the third and for the third can follow a new draw.

Good luck!


Via Panisperna 238A

(Quartiere Monti, a 450 m dalla fermata metro Cavour - linea B)

Aperto dal martedì alla domenica

Orari: 10:30 - 13 / 14 - 19:30

Tel. 06 8629 9718


And the winner is...

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