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In collaboration with ERREDI

Annalisa Queen collaborates with Erredi, a brand of DBM International , and joins the affiliated companies to support separate waste collection.

Erredi is a Saas software system for the traceability of waste able to collect, manage and display data on the contributions from all the separate collection flows and make them usable in a single platform to the PA, waste service managers and citizens. The software consists of some specific modules for each service but can be integrated with each other.

To the ERREDI system, for advanced waste separation, a collection of points has been added to meet the need for administrations to reward their citizens according to the amount of their separate collection and at the same time give the opportunity to companies to have a valid marketing tool at cost zero.

How do citizens get points?

  1. According to the delivery statistics and the different types of waste, the system will give scores to all citizens who carry out separate collection.

  2. The score will go from a minimum of 50 points to a maximum of 1000 points in a year.

  3. Once reached the thresholds of score, logging on their profile the citizen can choose from a series of awards made available by "Ecoactive Companies" registered on our system for FREE. Citizens can choose between coupons and discount coupons upon reaching the following THRESHOLDS: 50, 100, 200, 350, 500, 750, 1000 points. The DISCOUNT VOUCHER will entitle you to either a sum to spend (e.g. €5, €10) or a percentage of discount to use for a purchase at these affiliated activities.

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