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Masks and Snouts

For the emergency Covid-19 also Annalisa Queen decides to give her contribution by making masks.

They have been made with all waste materials from the brand’s archive, so they are in double layer of natural fabric (bamboo or hemp) and with an inner layer (interchangeable) recycled tnt from the bags of clothes never used because of defective lightning.

They have been designed to be safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, in fact they adhere perfectly to the face without ending up on the eyes thus leaving the field of view clear of obstacles and are also elastic-free, perfect for people it bothers.

Annalisa Queen as always also thinks of children and has created a small collection called the "Musetti", or mini masks decorated with mustache and buttons so as to make a game even a dramatic moment like this.


Products for the purposes referred to in art. 16, paragraph 2, D.L. 17 March 2020, n18.

In accordance with the instructions of the Circular of the Ministry of Health 0003572-P-18/03/2020.

They do not constitute a Medical Device and/or Personal Protection Device.

Not suitable for health or workplace use.

Intended for all other citizens, for precautionary purposes during exits allowed by the current decrees and provided that the provisions on social distancing and other rules on prevention and containment of contagion are respected.

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