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Re-Dream Box

As is well known among the goals of the brand Annalisa Queen there is to pollute as little as possible, Annalisa wondered how she could eliminate the smallest waste of the collections, those with which it is not possible to make even a small accessory.

This is how Re-Dream Box was born, a project in collaboration with her mother Bianca who made these small handmade creations made entirely with recycled materials, or with any waste material that can be found in the house. The outer container is generally a shoe box but can be any former container of a product. The interior decorations are made with love with any scrap object that can represent in miniature a small piece of furniture (from a cap of a toothpaste for example can be born a lamp, from a straw the legs of a chair or a table, etc.).

Although Teacher Bianca is now retired she never stopped loving her job but especially her children. The idea is to teach children all over the world not only the ability to have fun with little but also to recycle and therefore respect for the environment and nature.

All the smallest scraps of fabric of the brand will be used in this project. In addition, Annalisa and Bianca will each year choose an association to donate the proceeds and as it will be possible will be organized workshops for children in the Boutique.

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