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The cork and the ethical fashion of Annalisa Queen

Annalisa Queen is a brand in favor of ethical fashion, in fact it does not use fur or animal skins but only natural fabrics and certified companies that do not use substances harmful to the environment and man.. The designer Annalisa Queen chose cork fabric as the predominant element and her first collection called "Contrasts".Cork is a precious natural product used in many areas, from the production of corks to astronautics.The cap is also technologically treated in the high fashion sector as a highly innovative product;A revolutionary patent has created the first cork fabric to be used in clothing and accessories.Demand for natural products.It is an abrasion-resistant, waterproof, anti-stain fabric, in short it is simply fantastic.

Annalisa Queen has created a capsule of 12 garments all strictly with inserts and decorations in natural cork.The collection "Contrasts" reveals the story of a nature violated by the human being, this story is shown by combining artificial elements with natural elements.The contrasts are mainly highlighted using the contrast of colors, most of them are typical of a winter season but are presented in light fabrics ideal for summer.. The shapes and cuts are clean and classic, made with innovative fabrics.The contrast is also underlined by the harmony between artificial and natural fabrics such as ecological python combined with natural cork.The colors chosen by Annalisa Queen recall the tones of nature and each garment includes more than one color.Colder shades of pastel colors such as water green, powder pink or blue ice combine and blend in contrast with the warm tones of burgundy or orange.

The "Contrasti" collection consists of day dresses such as skirts or trousers combined with tops or shirts.Evening dresses include a red long evening dress that is fully convertible into a short cocktail dress.The designer has also created accessories that harmonize with the clothes of the collection.Bags and bracelets are made with the same colors with cork inserts.The collection "Contrasts" proposed by Annalisa Queen is a classic with a surprise.. The mission of Annalisa Queen is to contribute to environmental awareness and therefore to ethical fashion, to make known the use and reuse of materials that we would not have thought we could become high fashion clothes and luxury accessories.

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