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The Crabyon and the Spring Summer 2022 Collection by Annalisa Queen

What is the Crabyon?

The Crabyon is a recent fiber created by the Japanese company Omikenshi. The production process involves crushing the shells of crustaceans from the food industry and mixing with cellulose, without the use of solvents.

We are talking about a textile fiber that, in addition to being antibacterial and antimicrobial, is hemostatic, completely biodegradable, hypoallergenic, ecological and biocompatible.

It should be stressed that the antibacterial and antimicrobial functions of Crabyon are achieved by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and remain unchanged and permanent over time, even after washing, use or other alterations by external agents. The Crabyon, moreover, has a high absorbent power of moisture and in contact with the skin is able to prevent dehydration. Its ability to maintain moisture levels is greater than any other fiber, keeping it fresh and odor-free for a relatively long time. Crabyon thus prevents skin irritation and is safe and comfortable even for delicate or hypersensitive skin, including children and the elderly, even hospitalized.

Annalisa Queen’s Spring Summer 2022 Collection

After these years of "immobility" and "grayness" there is a desire to move, the freshness of summer days and explosive colors.

Fluo Sport is the first Activewear collection by Annalisa Queen, an ode to movement and the desire to live that with the power of its colors make us get out of this dark period.

Sustainability is always the flagship of the Annalisa Queen collections that, for Spring Summer 2022, has selected a bright orange mesh in recycled polyester and a fabric in Crabyon. The latter was then painted by hand with the colors yellow fluo and fuchsia. Both fabrics are designed for extreme comfort while remaining glamorous and suitable not only for sports but for many occasions.

The bags of the collection have been made with leftover vegetable skins from previous collections (one from the cactus and one from the pineapple leaves) and both combine a sporty style to the craftsmanship and style of the brand.

Finally, silver jewelry and fluorescent enamels recall the orange fabric and the dynamism of this collection.

Annalisa Queen sincerely thanks her extraordinary craftsmen who realize all her ideas with their skilful hands.

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